How We Got Started

Sit back with a jar of pickles as Mike Sklar – co-founder of Redneck Pantry, tells his story:

“Back in 1947, in the small town of Fayetteville, Texas, our family pickles were created. Nanny & Pop Sklar made their first batch of pickles in their kitchen while cannin’ vegetables one Summer day. They knew right away they had cooked up somethin’ good!

So, Nanny and Pop passed their pickling recipe down to their son, Michael. He tweaked their recipe here n’ there, adding the bolder flavors of onions, garlic, and more dill. He didn’t stop perfectin’ his technique until he found that perfect kick to his pickles. After tossin’ in a couple of Chili Petine Peppers, he bit into one and knew he had just created the perfect Southern pickle.

Mike's Grandparents
Nanny & Pop Sklar

Now, if you know anything about Southerners, it’s that we love huntin’, fishin’, cookin’, cannin’, and eatin’. We’re not going to settle for just any pickle! It’s gonna take the perfect combination of heat, spice, crunch, and flavor to win a southerner over. That’s just what we did! We are kickin’ at picklin’!”

Michael and his son, Mike, are the men behind these flavorful gems. With the love and support of  family and friends (and a couple versions of “Man’s Best Friend”), they went into the picklin’ business. Using only the best local-grown ingredients, these two good ol’ boys cook up these pickles and fill the jars full of Texas heat and Southern spicy flavors. Then they can ‘em and ship ‘em with the help of their exceptional pickle packin’ pal, Dillon Mills.

“The results have made us famous!” – Mike Sklar

“We’re known for that “Gotta getcha some” flavor. Just you wait for that bite to get ya! All it takes is one pickle chip and y’all will be hooked! Grab a jar and give ‘em a try! We’ll keep you comin’ back for more!”

As Mike says: “If y’all keep eating ‘em, we’ll keep making ‘em!”

Mike and his siblings as small children Old family photo